Written by: Siti Aishah Abu Bakar

Histories that we left behind, 
Spinning and whirling in my mind,
i thought you were a sign,
a sign that two hearts shall bind.

But indeed i was wrong,
on the day you let me go,
the wind sang the sad song,
when love ones became foe.

Your words sweeter than honey, 
But your heart black as sin, 
Looks like i judge you wrongly,
It is love that wasn't born to be!!

It is a mistake i have made,
to think that you are the one, 
i regret believing all you said,
i regret that you are all i want. 

To think that you would be there,
To accompany me through the days,
Indeed those are lovely promises,
Unfortunately it leads to only dismays.

It hurts so badly inside,
Now that your love resides
My tears i tried to fight, 
the part of me have died.

Please keep your distance,
Don't bother offering assistance,
let me heal without disturbance
let me bid myself condolence.

Love disappeared at the trace of dawn,
Only hurt and pain once again reborned, 
Leaving only traces of footsteps we walked,
Now that you forever and will be gone...