Boys to Men - Men to Boys

Written by: Destini Williams

At first they said we had cooties
Hiding in the strands of our hair
Mindless and young
A mixture of dirt and cookies in the air
Then came the sports
They loved so very much
Without realizing
They were competing for our love
After came the puppy love
A soft sweet peck on the cheek
Holding hands on the playground
Hiding behind the cubbies
And soon as dust
They forget 
About the girl
They once liked
But time matures
And love is on their doorstep
They slip to the sidelines
This time we think it's real
This time we think they care
As they wrap their arms around us
Their warm embrace we share
They finally say three words
They once tried to resist
And surely we thought they knew
That love does exist
Till' we're left empty
There arms around another
Our tears become frozen
As they find another lover
We thought we couldn't go on with life
However we have no choice
Men will never be men
But boys always boys