Written by: valeria iliadou

Snowy days cover mornings of solitude as birds are flying in the sky. Gold flutters 
adjusting the wind's blow for the cold winter to remember this touch. Snowflakes in the 
night's terrorism, in fields of dreams they rest. Let those who can fly escape, as it is 
their chance to feel free this time, as clock is ticking and the hours are shrinking back to 
their corners, let those who can run in clouds be blessed. These snowy days the Sun 
rests upon a white flame, murmuring light. These days birds are leaving for another 
land to find treasures they are missing, holding a map into their nebs. Yet, there are 
some that wait in the cold for the winter to pass it's veil to another world. There are still 
some that pray in darkness of a freezing season, warming their heart with tears, not 
leaving their home.