The Lurking

Written by: Grobb Johnson

What was that sound?
what was that noise?
There in the dark.
Was that a voice?
That faintly creeping,
encroaching tone.
my feeling tells me,
I'm not alone.

It must be the wind
or the house settling in.
Nothing is there,
there's nothing but air.
I Turn my head and close my eyes
Then here comes, a new surprise.

First a scratching,
then a fall.
Outside my door,
there in the hall.
The sound of something being drug.
I grab my blanket, pull it snug.
Then it's over, but then there's more
So terrifying, the simple creaking of the door.

Did it just open?
No, no, I just need some sleep.
I just won't look,
not one peep.
Almost off to dream
almost clear and free.
Then a raspy voice
with an invitation just for me.

Just go away,
just leave me be.
What do you want?
And why from me?
I'll close my eyes,
I'll try to hide.
The door slams shut.
Has it come inside?

Are those shadows moving?
No, no it went away.
Then four words.
"I'm here to stay."
My chest is pounding,
it knows I'm here.
It knows that I'm aware.
So in floods the fear.

I hear it moving closer.
I feel it's breath upon me.
Starting at my feet,
then working up so slowly.
I feel it's touch.
The fear's too much.
Paralyzed by the chill,
A few words I'm able to spill.

"What do you want?"
"What do you want," I say.
To which it replies
"I just want you,
and I want to play."