Written by: Alexander Schwartz

You bring rest to my shaking hands
Replacing the churning in my stomach with gentle flutters
Returning the smile I forgot truly existed
Quelling the fires of heartbreak
Just as I was accepting them.

Somewhere a glacier sits strong, stubborn
Yet it allows this gleaming, tranquil river to flow through
Harmony among nature
Love even in those that were believed inanimate.

I fall, a leaf from a retiring maple
The ground spinning ever closer
Before I can reach my impending end
The nurturing cardinal takes kind hold of me in all it's colors
Lacing me through the walls of her nest
Giving me purpose, now part of her home
I am part of her life.

Now those hands that used to shake have long been rested
The beating wings of the monarch are all that makes wake in my gut now
That once forgotten smile now adorns my face at a constant
And those once blistering flames have thoroughly been quenched.

Joy has been returned to my heart.