All that glitters

Written by: Michael Campbell

I am a book
with a cover of glitter and gold
an object of pure admiration
a character that's bold
a glamorous entity
a star about to unfold,
but you cant see through me 
and my story is untold.

If you took off my covers
then what would you see
my page of black and a soul
that's not free,
bound by threads they captivate me.

The early chapters of the tale
depict an inerasable past,
chiseled out by misfortune over
which sorrow is cast,
so, to cover up the pain I wear
my glittery mask,
it's so very easy, I smile
and make the smile last.

But when I trow away the covers
that I so craftily mould,
and forget about my mask that's 
worn out and old,
and cant find all the warmth in a
race that's so cold,
that will then be my rebirth and
my story retold.