Help The Aged

Written by: William Willis

Make our bodies temples , with no aches and pains.
Healthy blood flowing through our arteries and veins.
Make our bodies temples , with heads full of hair.
Give us curly thick locks on our heads that lie bare.

Make our bodies temples , with looks that could kill.
No more visits to the gym , make it one magic pill.
Make our bodies temples , that are fit , strong and lean.
Like a purring Mercedes or well-oiled machine.

Let us throw away our pills , our specs and our sticks.
Replace these worn bones with muscles like bricks.
Let us throw away our pills for our arthritic knees.
We will walk with new joints , that will no longer seize.

Like bleak condemned buildings ,our teeth sit in two rows.
No longer withstanding the sweet river that flows.
Like bleak condemned buildings , we want teeth that will shine.
Like pearls or diamonds or a sparkling white wine.

Our memories are failing , cant remember the names.
The places , the faces now going up in flames.
Our memories are failing,please cure our disease.
Please let our thoughts flow like a brisk Autumn breeze.

Make our bodies temples , no more toothache or pain.
No more walking about like that film star John Wayne.
Make our bodies temples , where there's no ills to mention.
We'll then skip down the street and we'll collect our pension.