Province of Surigao del Norte

Written by: cesar gealogo

Surigao del Norte,
the province of attraction and tourism,
a light and wealth of the nation before me,
seed of freewill and liberty.

The perfume of the gregarious sea breeze,
the sweet scent of the cheerful environment,
the calmness and never-ending beauty of tourism,
with daring music of my dreams,
will surely amuse the lovely guests.

Crystal water and the white sand of beaches,
exotic and strange portrayal of caves,
boundless and verdant mangroves trees,
rich soil of nickel and gold,
beauty brings endless amusement,
a place to live.

Heretofore, with gentle wind,
with tenor music of birds,
with mild waves on the lips of the shore,
a breathtaking crack of dawn,
with the embrace of morning dew,
and the entirety, racing to say,
welcome and good day!

Excerpt from the book: Whisper of Life
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