Written by: Poet Destroyer A


I sleep like a prisoner, in my own dreams.
I wake up to the flaws of reality..
I meditate to this world I hate.
I live a life no one will ever appreciate.
Everything changed since the day I took my first step.
Flaws in the pride I demonstrate.
Flaws is the only way we relate.

Flaws found in every open door..
My tears fall into the flaws of the cracked  floor.
Flaws grow deeper when feelings are involved.
Watching the world as we flawlessly destroy it.
Accepting bad perception that nothing is forever.
Injecting chemicals that flow through my brain.
Spreading negative flaws that swim in my vain.
Love is a flaw that drives one insane.
Hate is the medicine that covers up pain.
Flaws! Flaws can only be covered up like a stain.

Flaws! Flaws!
Under Gods eyes.
Flaws! Flaws!
No need to cry.
Flaws! Flaws! 
Mistakes and goodbyes.
Flaws! Flaws!
Lived out till the day we die.

Yup! Yup! 
Flaw's like the minute we took our first breath. 
Flaw's like the last minute that starts our death.