Open Door

Written by: Stephan McBride

I thought what does it mean
when they would say 
He knocks on all doors
no concern if rich or poor
To my concern was I surrounded
by four walls 
engulfed in a empty room
with no way out
could anyone hear me
If I where to shout
Oh look what is this book
My Granddad had given to me
Why not see what is inside
I have heard 
Not to judge the cover
It is me and this book
I open and I  begin to read
What is that noise
I see cracks in the walls
outlining a door
The more I read it comes to life
the words are still alive 
I begin to believe
and to my surprise
I hear knock  knock
who could this be
I run to the outline of the door
In hope of someone setting me free
I yell please save me 
as I did all four walls