The Raven's Call

Written by: linda milgate

In the icy white living mists, in the grayness 
Rising up around the olden mossy stones
I hear them calling through the smudging grey veils
That separate this world of unexplainable sadness
From the unknowable, from the unknown
They say the raven,  wisest of the birds,
A spirit animal, the shaman’s own,
Renewal, divination, and introspection  
Passes into the eternal,  there  she finds a second home
Finds a glowing light even in this eternal darkness
Standing in the inky blackness she fends off the icy fear

Oh raven,
Raven return from the mists--stay clear, return here
Pale woman in black, in human or silken ghostly form
In whatever shape you chose, a change of consciousness,
To face the cavern's darkness then renewal, to be reborn
Amidst this starless somber world, you call a second home
Introspection and connection --  Both to the newborn   
And to the crone.

Among the Dead Contest
Written by Linda Milgate
contest by Rambling Poet