Our Anniversary pt2

Written by: Grobb Johnson

When I came to barely
looking like a roast cooked rarely.
I searched the seat there next me.
The seat it sat there empty.
Now such a dreary feeling fills the air.
Such an eerie feeling of not just where,
but if I find her, will she still be there.
Calling out to her, my voice echoes through the bay.
Where has my love gone
on this dooming, such so gloomy
January day.

A day once so beautiful and lovingly,
horrifyingly now it frightens me.
Terrified at the idea of,
where is she, where is my love.
A need I had
to hold her so bad
with hope of breath she have.
There in the snow, the crimson snow she lay.
At peace I finder her be
On this lonely, now so lonely
January day.

My angel is so still,
so still there as she lay.
I look into her eyes,
but she's already gone away.
The only thing now left to do
is hold her in my arms
and whisper, "I love you."
But this time, I won't hear her say
anything at all
on this silent, all too silent
January day.

When I seen that she had departed,
in my chest I felt my heart it.
Sank into, into itself, becoming nevermore.
Once so rich, the love I felt, now to be left here on the shore.
Before, a brightly light filled star,
now I am but a lone black hole.
Never to again, ever to be full.
A world so full of color, all now turned to Grey.
Now my new forever
is always to remember that
January day.

So I stand here weeping,
while you lay there sleeping,
with my love still keeping
all of itself for you.
I lay down some flowers I've picked,
also these tears that I've brought too.
And that I am so sorry,
is all that I can say.
For if it had not been for me
then we could both enjoy.
This here moment right now
This here January day.