My Tower

Written by: Grobb Johnson

Sitting in my tower,
up above all those I see.
Looking down on others,
on those I think are less than me.
Separated from them all
they can not climb my wall.
Up here from my tower,
the people are so small.

So high in my tower,
free from all those down below.
I do all of which I please,
no one to tell me no.
Ruler of all that I see,
a feel of such divinity.
While when in my tower
quite the power flows from in me.

Way up in my tower,
from where I'm always looking down.
For I am so much better
than the whole of all the town.
And when I'm looking down
to those upon the ground.
From up here in my tower
by myself is how I'm found.

While I'm in my tower
I hide in it's interior.
I hide from those that so
that so I find inferior.
I have spent so much time alone
up here in my high perched home.
Sitting in my tower
on my self made throne. 
So up here in my tower,
I'm my only friend.
Cause with myself is whom,
all my time I spend.
I dare not to associate.
So instead I isolate.
Now here up in my tower,
solidarity it is my fate.