Written by: Grobb Johnson

Seems today, no one is imagining.
That people lost all creativity.
No one thinks outside the box,
they only think so logically.

That's why true, new, inventors.
That's why they don't exist.
And that's why you can never really say
or call that guy an artist.

It's why there's nothing really,
really nothing new.
They just take whats ready,
they take and they improve.

I don't see new stories
in motion pictures anymore.
The motion picture was itself
an invention I once did so adore.

Is there really no new ideas?
And only variations of,
these things some think are new ideas.
Is that why they're just the same old stuff?

To think outside the box.
Forget all of which you know
What you know it must be lost.
to let imagination flow.

If you were never shaped,
and told what's what and why.
Then like those two odd brothers
you could probably fly.

So when you ask of all things possible
and when they then say, why not and so.
Then go out and do it.
Just because they told you no.