Hero of my Life

Written by: Sneha Agarwal

Right from the day I am born
Admire her not just as she is my Mom
Happiness stays and sadness gone
As her care & love is magically strong

Broken the knee while playing on ground
Her eyes sparkled with my paining sound
Each hour In her mind only i surround
Struggles till the time my smile is found

Seen lots of miseries and worst times
She covered all on her without a sign
Fulfilling all my dreams before i design
Being my "Hero" caressing me to shine

Selfless and incomparable beauty on earth
Asking for nothing but blessed seen my mirth
World still seems beautiful in spite of dirt
Her innocent love gives humanity a new birth

Faced many downfalls in this small life
She was the one who made me to rise
Fight all fears to attain the desired heights
My mother is an Angel in human disguise