Light of Life

Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

Light of Life
 {For the Osigwes}
 What is life?
 Life is made over,
 Of so many thing;
 What life is made of generally,
 I can't say,
 But there is only one thing i will say;
 Life is but a light,
 The light of  life is shinning  for everyone that
 discovers it,
 This light, it is not discover by everybody;
 It is a light found by a person,
 The bright light shines
 For human who have no special gift and knowledge,
 But observing in humility and patience come to grasps,
 What is in this light of life;
 These humility and patience  are the same blood,
 They are filial, one can't let another,
 Go because they are made for each other;
 Those who have discover this light of life ,
 Have spoken glowingly of it;
 They have spoken of the results,
 That they have gained from it,
 And they all want to move forward;
 It actually moves them forward.