Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

  I want to be free 
  Like a feathered flight of dove,
  To fly and glide over the world so free
  And live a life in a dream of light,
  Affectionate love and hope of gladness
  And the oil of joy which over flows,
  Melody of happiness that widely vibrates
  That is a dream gift, a vision to celebrates, 
  Inspire of hubris, 
  In the eyes of the expected hurricane,
  I hold on to a fatal chance, 
  Still looking to peak my nest
  On sure firm  height,
  The water is mirror  of the world;
  The curved winged still swerve, 
  The flight of feathers still lifted
  Till a lonely island emerges
  Just waiting for me, only me
  An everglade to tenderly cultivated, virgin
  And green, roaming wild and free.