Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

  Dalliance up above in the stratosphere,
  Sailing stead in the smooth creamy cloud
  Like the Almighty Angelic machine in Azure,
  Like the beastly Griffin running missive among
  Here is welcome to paradise!
  Right through your phantom ushering
  To a lounge that’s closest
  To your favourite armchair in mind,
  By some Damsels courtiers who truly have you in
  And with courtesy courteously pamper you like
  Relax on board is the lullaby of the Nightingale,
  Feel the elevating excitement like an arrow
  Right through a warrior’s grip,
  Throw over cumulus, air borne
  Settle in and view over our victuals,
  Mouth watering delicacy will find
  Your appetite, not to mention the inducing
  We are on a journey to Bell Air,
  The destination is to Xanadu,
  We will arrive in Utopia
  With connecting flight to Los Atlantis,
  We trip the galaxies, but not the way to abyss,
  Fly, fly,and fly into your widest dream 
  Fly aloft like an Aeronaut
  Dream of an expedition to the moon
  Discover shinning gold and crystal diamond
  And when you have gathered a fortune
  Land in ambience, accomplishing comfort,
  Then taxi home
  The experience is like you are just,
  Right out of a bathtub.