Written by: Daniel Cwiak

I can set my chin against the wind
And even shut my eyes to sin.
Yet, I live my days with a purpose still
To help someone, someway, with some will.

The person needing help the most
Is he that from me has sometimes been lost.
It is me, of course, of whom I speak
And this discourse is more than just a peak.

Though I try to be savvy, witty, and upbeat
There are those moments alone where I fall to defeat.
I have found a few words though, to help get me by
Often I use them, so I will continue to try.

Someone once said, "Life is like a vending machine".
You wonder why...well, here's the thing.
From the day we're born I have no doubt
"If you don't put something in...You won't get anything out"!

So, put the coins in your vending machine
Let others know that you have been.
Take the choice you have vended
And pray that it is enough, when life has ended.