Raven's Veil

Written by: Jim David

Through the endless graveyard, she spies movement on the horizon
Dark birds circle, a murder of crows, wait with patient savagery
"If they are still on the wing, something yet lives out there..."
She feels compelled to satiate her longing for answers
Knowing there is only one way to be sure.....she steps out
Cool swirls of mist skirt her ankles just above the lifeless earth
Cautiously she navigates stone, sky, darkness, and fear
As she nears her destination of the dark birds' obsession, she slows
Inward, she draws a deep, slow breath...tobacco, musk, whiskey, misogyny
Quieting her mind, she hears labored, raspy breathing... oaths and curses
"So, he managed to survive.... plotting my demise, I suppose."
Gingerly, like climbing into a hot bath, she flanks him and approaches
Brandishing her pistol, she takes aim, and clears her throat...
"Aaahemm!!....going somewhere?? Only to your Maker!!!"...*BANG*
Never again will he hurt the Sisters of the Earth....


*contest "AMONG THE DEAD*