Written by: valeria iliadou

The boat of history anchored to naked rocks, to Gods talking 
Surrendered inside a silence blessing.
In this out of reach and worn world
Helpless we offered our souls with fragile compassions.
And in wars we won or we were beaten.Is it so important after all?
So much promises kept, as the wishes we expend.
Like acrobats on cut lines, empty souls in bodies on loan.
Then we wish to remember the chimera that formed our name
As we watch our shadow passing through the window.
In this silent world we sing, waiting for the dawn,
Asking fairy tales to steal life and heroes to fight above the starry sky.
This world's infinity we chose,yet we forgot that even sky has it's own halt.
So naturally after all, Time dismissed us from the trip, we kept ourselves away from
Expensive tickets and uncomfortable seats, let Heavens and knights wait,
As we were whipping the ruins with lopes uneven.
Do not rebuke this world reflections. It's not their fault that they are so little.
They just ran dry in a fistful of tears, floating from our own eyes.
And this pure dream joining our unsaid words, is not this world's creation.
It is the trembling voice vanishing, as we let distance grow,
As we keep our eyes nailed on the ground.