Being right now

Written by: Gareth James

Do you understand the reason for this?
 Do you think your life is all, but bliss?
  Can you hear your heart calling to your mind?
 Can you leave all your past fears behind?
Can you live without knowing tomorrow?
 Can you believe in yourself now, without feeling hollow?
  Can you live your life without hoping for better things?
 Did you know you can fly without wings?

Seeing life the way I do
 Looking at colours, seeing more than the hue.
  Gazing at the stars, I see all eternity 
 My history, my past, my diversity.
The truth is we all are one
 What is done, is done
  Forget the future and the past.
 Live each day as if it was the last.
Be here, BE right now.
 It will be your day soon to take a bow.