Don't think for a second,
That the reason I haven't stepped to you,
Is because,
You lack the gravitational pull.
You're a phenomenal woman,
In every sense of the word,
I just don't want to step to you,
Like some of of these other fools.

I wanna come correct,
An offer you everything,
I have to bring to the table,
Cause a woman like you,
Deserves nothing less,
Than a man that is,
Ready, willing, and able.

To provide for your needs,
And cater to you whims.
To make you feel,
Like the greatest gift,
That you are.
A man that would,
Go through any length for your smile,
Travel any distance,
No matter how far.

So once again I say,
Don't ever think,
I'm not stepping to you,
Cause you lack the gravitational pull.
I just know you deserve better,
Than I can give,
And for me to come half assed,
Just ain't cool.