Dual Inspiration

Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

Two friends who have spent countless years separated
Has finally reconnected as if no minutes has elapsed.
It appears our friendship has shown no boundaries and
We still have a magical bond which has not diminished.

We are anxiously anticipating our glorious reunion
While we exist in our own worlds with desire...apart.
Now each day passes and we continue to communicate
How we are looking forward to that wonderful moment.

Time is progressing quite slowly it seems and
Our thirst for each other's presence grows stronger.
We know the outcome of our shared future is near
But the joyous occasion must be prepared carefully.

As I wrestle my own evil spirits I consider the obstacles 
She has struggled with over the years of my absence.
Not only is she courageous and incredibly graceful,
She has become my greatest inspiration to thrive.

When we spoke today in our usual manner of conversing,
She professed I have inspired her beyond all belief.
The inspiration we share are two totally different
Reasons for appreciating each other's self qualities.

We look forward to our days when there will be
A movie to see, a dinner to eat or a place to be...together.
Until that moment is upon us we must remain patient
With our own individual recognition of admiration.