The Persistent Poem - A

Written by: Emm 'n Ashe Lemons

Yesterday, my heart felt a little tapping
Coming from the inside, a friendly rapping
It grew strong then weak, refreshed then weary
Sometimes ordinary, sometimes eerie
So I opened the door and looked inside
Looked past the smiles I've held and the tears I've cried
Right above where passions subside 
I found a poem, cowering, yet untried
I tenderly tried to draw it out
Coax turned to order turned to shout
It simply sat there, unwilling to confide
Right above where passions subside
"Fine!" I yelled to it "Stay there"
I spared it one last snarl and a glare
And marched out with quite some flare
Marched out of the poem's lair
Locked my heart up behind me
Completely unable to foresee
The continued tapping of that rhyme
A rap at every clock and chime
So I decided to ignore it, unable to perceive
Exactly how unwilling it was to leave

Today, I woke up with a pain in my chest
Felt it as I brushed my teeth, as I got dressed
To be honest, I was quite impressed
This poem didn't seem to ever rest
But I wanted to discharge this vexatious guest
To be free of this detestable pest
It wouldn't leave upon request
It wouldn't move despite my protest
Even when I threw at it all the mental force I possessed
So to myself I confessed
It was causing me serious unrest
Leaving my brain distressed
My spirit depressed
Eventually, my failure expressed
I asked my heart a plan to suggest
After all, it was where the visitor resided
I asked and waited to be guided
For the heart to be decided
For the information to be provided
Realization hit my heart in the head
It called me to it, tugged at me with a thread
I felt it and to my heart I sped
I splayed before it and pled
"Save me – what do I do - help me"
To rid me of my companion it did guarantee
Pulled me close and whispered quietly
Told me the plan privately
I reacted violently
Refused mightily
But agreed finally

So I sit here now like some defender
Ready at last to face the offender
The battle commences, I let my heart grow tender
The verse rears up, here comes my contender
I marvel at its splendor
And Finally... I surrender