Heartful Thoughts

Written by: Darius Knight

At times I can't stand the way things are,
And it's sad that my knees get weak just from seeing you from afar.
I miss waking up to a "good morning, thinking of you" text,
Till this day I still daydream of the first time we had sex.

It's like watching a shooting star for the first time with a sparkle in your eye,
It's like walking into the kitchen smelling grandma's fresh homemade pie.
It's like relaxing in a room full of steam,
Including all of the above being with you is like touching a dream.

It's exhilarating the way you have my heart blazing,
Just by having you...my life is truly amazing.
You may be content but I promise you'll be beyond an extacy satisfaction just by being
with me,
Since reality isn't what it should be I bet that in your dreams it's me you see.