Goodbye kiss

Written by: louzana nubani

Declined and beaten 
Unsure and wasted
It all happened in that day 
And I suppressed it to that very night
Where I breathed regret and spoke love
You rejected me 
Rejected my valuable offer
As I held the stories I wanted you to read 
And the events I wanted to share 
You ignored me with your callous looks 
When I said I love you 
And I said it with all my heart
Please kiss me goodbye
This is over 
Do not discuss it any further
You said no 
It isn’t over
When I saw the hatred and heartlessness
In your eyes
I stopped trying to get the goodbye kiss
I walked away 
Why do u do this 
Who do want me to cry? 
As you left carelessly and
I heard your footsteps fading
I started to cry softly 
I started to weep away my heart
To wipe my tears and start another day 
Forget the burden and displeasure
Postpone the pain to that very night
To start a day, leaving my mischiefs behind 
With another smile opening the door of fakeness
But living with a heavy heart and twisted smile
Just to see you hurt me again