Figments - Passages - Part 1

Written by: Shannon ChemicalEyes

Frozen rain fell from the pane of her window as she woke to the sound of whispering 
"Daphne! Wake up! Get out of your bed, walk spiralling stairs to the doors in your 
Coral and iris then glittered the night, like a shattered shimmer of fluorescent lights,
She stared at herself like a wax crocodile, with emerald eyes and a chainsaw smile.

Glistening tinsel wrapped her christmas tree teeth, like flowers and sorrow would clasp 
to grief
Firework's flares scattered showers from her eyes, technicolor branches grew out from 
her spine
Burnt orange clouds bled onto sangria sky, below swam a sea of lime cactus wine
Figures like trees shivered panics from afar, a glowing haze cast from morning soaked 

Her senses tingled, her concerns split in half, the only sound in her head was her 
animated laugh
Sprays and leaks spewed from her oil spill hair as she watched the wind curl in the 
arylide air
With emerald eyes, and a chainsaw smile, suspended she strolled through euphoria's 
Floating like a ghost, in a crystal lit ocean, her eyelids closed, like sunsets in slow