Written by: Robert Gresak

The day had been grim and hectic,
the working environment pressured and thick
with interoffice gossip and intrique,
how I yearned for silence's healing mystique./

The traffic volumes at days end was horrendous
the noise, the screech of brakes, the continual blaring of hooters.
Not easy to maintain ones temper and aplomb.
Soon, soon I would be home.

My need for peace was more than slight
as I wandered into the garden that star-filled night
and stopped dead-awestruck at the wonderful silvery radiance
flooding the scene even as some hidden owl called clear and keen.

The infinitude of stars shone with more than piercing brightness
and as I gave myself over to the night's magic
all my weariness, all tension and stress
dissolved and I felt my souls wick
rekindled in a moment out of time.
In a radiant space where all was utterly still
a glorious interlude wherein my spirit held vigil
with the eternally orbiting stars.