Written by: Robert Gresak

The place was a symphony of sweet sound
the melodies of nature enough to astound
even the most deaden'd of senses.
There was such an abundance of delicious charm
that the spirit felt awash in a glorious and soothing balm./

Above - in the lush green canopy the birds trilled, to burst,
clamouring to be the very first
announcers of the pearly dawn./
The murmur of the nearby stream with its throngs of reeds, lush and tall
swayed and rustled in the early breeze
while far-off could be heard the muted roar of a great waterfall.

Far above a solitary falcon called and circled
then spotting some far-off prey, hurled
itself down like an arrow.
The fresh and invigorating breeze
whispered sonorously throght the trees,
a sighing accompaniment to the staccato "rat-a-tat-tat"
of a pair of brilliant plumaged woodpeckers.