End time message

Written by: victor mufaro dzaoma

At this omega of ill-fetted volitions 
where the concrete-embeded poster reads "EXIT"
you watch with amusement the logical end 
of ideological perversion
bemused by the grunts of kings vommitted by history
a history of misery

In this, my date with fate
as an inspired spectator i ignore the values a society disguise itself in 
and read the writings on the wall
about disjointed limps and fractured souls
about abused women and misused slogans
about useless ballots and useful bullets
about persecuted students and deffered freedom
about the death of peace
and as such our long awaited kiss 
on the lips of the King's corpse.

By the concrete poster
the wretched stands awestruck
waving their broken limps,
thus penning the last line in this history of what never happened.
the writing is on the wall
"mene mene tekela upasini"
umambo hwako hwapera