Chosen chains

Written by: anthony beesley

Locked into lies...the deception it drains
gripping like iron are these chosen chains
lips spewing lust stay etched in my brain
love gets lost on hexed highways
I'm a prisoner of pleasure that turns into pain
bleeding my soul are these chosen chains

Crowns of cash sit on terrible thrones
killers keep knocking but nobody's home
paranoid eyes through peepholes they blink
faster than bullets a mortal man sinks
gold turns to garbage and sparks turn to flames
burning my soul are these chosen chains

Drive fast to damnation
pedal to the metal
no switching the station
fear's frequency fills a mind that's depraved
uncovered what's ugly...what's dark and deranged
beating my soul are these chosen chains

From blue into black those voices attack
certain lines crossed...I can never come back
subtracting the stack
turning riches to rags
drinking the devils water from a brown paper bag
shooting holes in 4ever on a south bound train
boxcar to boxcar...sing a sad country song about those chosen chains