When A Woman Cries

Written by: malvern chirindo

"Don't stand there,mouth agape
Staring at the lines on my face,like a map
It was you who put me out of shape
You,who always make me snap.

What you once felt for me is all gone
Sometimes I've an edge to pick up the phone
But I'm afraid if I call the police
The bruises and scars,they might not notice.

It's something I accumulated over the years
Judging by the rivers and oceans of tears.
Extinguish from your eyes that distant light
After all these years you have no right.

It hurts like hell
Withdrawing into a shell,
Seeing all those women in your life
When I'm supposed to be your wife.

There are many things that I miss
I've forgotten the taste of your kiss
And the only thing that I remember
Is that we were married in december

If open to my wish lay all nature
I would command time to rub its signature
Off my back.Maybe young again
I would learn to fall in love again".

When a woman cries
Something in her eyes
Tries to swim but dies.
Is it hope,faith or maybe lies.