Midnight Sun

Written by: Debbie Duncan

The midnight sun 
He said he'd take me there

How I longed to see it
Though he left yesterday 

He never came home to me again 
I'm wondering what happened to our life

I listen to the rain sounding like bullets
Against my roof and window panes 

I'm wonder where can he be tonight 
He proclaimed his love for me each night

As I get up to search out the window 
For any sign or trace of him coming 

My feet feel cold against the wood floor
We drew up the blueprints of this house 

Thirty or was it forty years ago,, can't remember
I can't seem to remember right this minute

All I see is his face going across my mind
Maybe I should call my daughter or son

But what good will that do for me now
Both live out of state with their families 

Then the phone begins to ring  out 
Mrs. Duncan there was an accident,, I'm sorry
I don't remember dropping the phone to the floor

I just remember sitting up as I heard loud knocking 
It was the paramedic's  coming to my aid this time

After all  I'm eighty and he was ninety 
We never did go on that  cruse ship to see 
The land of the midnight sun.