Written by: Ron Lanier

He spoke to me one morning
As I strolled along the beach.
He spoke in silent whispers
My very soul to reach.

He told me that He loved me.
And without a word to say,
He gave to me a sunrise
To begin another day.

Onward I walked along the shore
Looking upward to the sky.
Saw the vastness of the universe,
And in silence; asked Him, why?

“I made it all for you”, He said, 
“And gave you eyes to see
The beauty of my creation 
As you walk along with me.”
He spoke to me this morning
Through the oceans mighty roar.
I saw his hands of mercy, 
 His gentle fingers on the shore.

He fed each bird that wandered by
And by that He said to me,
“I’ll care for you all day today
As you saw Me care of these.”

Everything I saw was His
The earth, the sky, the sea
And everything in every place
He’d put there just for me.

Why does He love me as I am?
I haven't the faintest clue.
He's loved me since time began
And will 'til time is through.

I saw His face and felt His hand
That morning by the sea.
And feel His presence every day	
As He walks along with me.