Vampires, Part One

Written by: James Gibbons

There were a lot of Vampires here
And they all want to suck my blood
I suppose I should be grateful
Because it was so unanimous
It's been a long time since kindergarten
When I wasn't chosen 
I thought what the hell I'm anemic anyway.
Life does that to you, makes you anemic, 
Don't need vampires to suck your blood
Maybe I haven't been getting enough sleep
If I don't sleep, I'll over eat
Do you eat too much?
What's the problem, hint - it's not food. 
Because there’s a hole down their somewhere
feeding doesn’t help because it leaks out too fast
Heck of a mess, don’t know where to start
All I really wanted to do was sleep
I'm sorry sad after she died
Think that's what her unmoving eyes said
But I asked her too late, now we'll never know
I need a place to hang my head
Even the Judge said she was sorry
I'm sure you're not one of those                                                                                  
I see them every day, there's no shame in dying
But I didn't know her that well                                          
Oh God I wish I could cry
The good news is now she's at peace,
Least ways I think she is, thank everyone for their help
Kiss her, kiss her while you still have the chance
So you've been saved says the messenger
But you’re still a long way from home
I think you need to see beyond tomorrow
      This poem cont'd Vampires 2nd part.