Written by: Robyn Blauw

The sun shone down its magic
On such a perfect day
The liquid gold is shimmering
On waves that hide a tale

The water sits too silent
With memories of its own
The dolphins breaking surface
Tell us we’re not alone.

Waves that have been forming
They knock against the brow
Is it a welcome calling?
Or a warning of its power?

The boat is moving forward
Propelling through the waves
The waters are now sleepy 
After such a huge long day.

It’s peaceful in its slumber
The surface is like ice
Its belly holds the memories
Of times it was not nice

When life is unimportant
When anger ruled the way
The many lives it’s taken
No mercy to this day

No man has come to tame it
She’s totally in control
A source of magic moments
A source of fear untold

She will offer you her beauty
Her wild and rugged soul
Teach you her simple harmony
Spray you with the cold

She will offer you her jewels
But never give her heart
Will share with you her playground
And show you works of art

Without a second thought then
Her calm can be undone
Waves of lashing fury
Brings fear to everyone

White fingers on the wave tips
Grab to snatch at prey
Its curling claws of angry waves
Snarl and end the day

She wants to teach a lesson
To show she’s in control
Don’t fool with Mother Nature
Respect her world….always.