The Trip to Town

Written by: polly plafcan

A purple pig
a light blue dog
fell in love
while resting on
a log
they had run so
far away
maybe three hours
maybe a day
Her eyes were lilac
his were brown
and they were going
into town
to search out someone
who would marry them
so they could have
babies, maybe twins
like the wind they ran
stumbling and falling
they could hear the farmer
"Come back, come back,
you two are my prize"
to look back at him
would not be wise
so headstrong were they
to be wed
they would be better off dead
'cause the farmer would
not let them live together
in the house in stormy weather?
Certainly not, a pig in the house
he knew he would grunt
not be as quiet as a mouse
Finally, they approached a
preacher man
asked him to do all he can
"Okay, you're married"
he told the two
the dog kissed the pig
and felt anew
they headed back home
their tails wiggly, wiggly
laughing and snorting
and giggly, giggly
And it wasn't long 'til
the farm was ablaze
with colors so pretty
for the pg and the dog
had litter after litter
purple and lilac and
beige and brown
blue and lavender
all because of that
trip to town...