Written by: Daniel Cwiak

There comes a time when we all begin 
  to challenge the authority above.
Whilst we may know that we committed a sin
  they still discipline us because of their love.

I remember just such a time
  when Mom was the challengee and I was the challenger.
It was freezing and to be outside was a crime
   yet, when she wasn't looking, I secreted myself out the door.

Of course the S_ _ _  hit the fan
  as she saw me bundled up out there.
Window raised she called out, "DAN!"
  enough to give me a scare.

In those days the timeout was nonexistent
  and the corporal would be felt.
But the length and means of its extent
  I would only know as she wielded that belt.

Like a windmill turning in great arcs afield
  my little frame seemed to go.
Trying to get away from that swatting wield
  was all I wanted to know!

  was all that I could say.
Hoping against hope that she wouldn't tell father
  when he came home at the end of his day.

This is one of the darkest memories
  that I've had since I was about four.
Sometimes I think about those strokes that stung like bees
  because I had sneaked out that door.

Yet, it was a mother's love for me
  that prompted her disciple so severe.
As I have grown older the why I could see...
  and sometimes still rub my rear!