Written by: Daniel Cheeseman

My heart snared in the 
gentleness of your love, 
encased in the pure
ambrosia of your very 
Captivated from first eye 
shot, to be carried like a 
shadow, this euphoria you 
And I sit the King as you 
bathe my realm in beauty, 
every corner blessed in 
your serenity, every
raindrop but a gentle kiss.
My Queen within my dreams, 
the princess in my garden, the 
fragrance of the flowers, the 
air of all desires.
The living of my day, the 
starlight of my night, the 
sinking of the sun, and 
every dawn that's won, 
these things you are to me, 
for always and ever be.
Caress this heart of mine, 
let the souls combine, sate 
these dreams of ours,
beneath our guiding stars.