Memory of Masquerades Cat-walking

Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

  Flaring free tickets to the cynosure show,
  Waking up early to dusty harmattan blow,
  To perceive piercing Uveve whistle set senses on edge,
  Death squad masquerades subsumed in gaily attire,
  All bedecked in guerrilla cultural parlance,
  All disembodied martyr gods,
  All traded on fear,
  Cannibal cutlasses hunt bloody raw human heads,
  Heavenly artists antics in acrobatic flavour,
  Madam Agemo, the breastful motherhood of all chimera,
  Lurid Lekewogbe, likable, such dashing fashionista menace,
  Grand-master Lapanpa, the monitor of all garish tigerish garments,
  Tumbling and resplendent Igunuko, the shrouding spirit
  Of snow slush lace adornment,
  Straw Zangbeto, the fur monster from the underworld,
  Petite Yala, the transforming fiery,
  Phantom Paramole, the vamoosing magical ogre,
  Striding Angere, the stilted  strolling  storm,
  Camouflage Gelede, and the saga of carved breathing heads,
  All premodial pageantry of paean and paganism in collision.

  {Names of traditional masquerades from Africa}