As a lamb

Written by: Florentina Laic

As a lamb going for rather cutting, 
She was dragging him with a chain, 
Bitter than a gall and deeply suffering, 
His soul was lying in a groove pain. 

He - being patient in silence and deeply sad, 
She - with a yoke, comprising his empty soul, 
He – accusing the pain in his body and head, 

She – discovering that for him it was only a role. 

But he didn` t want, his prejudice could not agree 
To see the failure of his house as a loneliness` tree 
And he couldn`t become again that young man free, 
Though, with money, he couldn`t buy his soul serenity, 
The dreams and the life from his heart eternity, 

And… he couldn`t save… his freedom dignity. 

As a lamb going for rather cutting than living, 
He - day by day was feeling as a loneliness` being, 
But his partner was not observing his heart empting, 
Being blinded by possessions, fortune achieving, 
And, selfish, with obstinacy, his life was dragging, 

And finally…. he couldn`t live anymore without dreaming. 

As some lambs going for only cutting, 
So many ephemera couples live together, 
A painful life and their feelings` fighting, 
Though fate didn`t ask to be as one for ever. 

But they have money, fortune and power – increasingly, 
Lies, compromises, pains and sorrows - eternally.