A Warrior for Christ

Written by: Jack Reed

In deep thoughts of unity.

It’s always a world, for someone else to please.

Along with pleasure there is always hard earned pain.

Sometimes death for someone else’s easy gain.

Look what we have, by the winners they lose.

They only win, upon the kill they choose.

So what we have since the beginning of time, my friends.

That Evil only wins, is when God is in not in, our presence,

I still hold my mighty shield, I always carry my great sword.

I never take off my armor, I live by the book of the lord.

A warrior for Christ I am, the devils works shall pay.

Am a warrior for my Lord, I serve God then do what he says.

To much going wrong, why do I only see what is right.

I will keep fighting for every soul that needs a Life.

Someday this will be over, that is what I always hear.

Then I realized, that was the Devil talking in my ears.