Freak of Nature

Written by: Jack Reed

Freak of nature- is a on going thing.
Things are changing- in this world of strange.
Ice is melting- on the polar caps.
Will not be long- before there is no glaziers left.
Freak of nature- is on the rise.
It is in the oceans- through the rising tides.
Look at the sunshine- burning down.
Forest fires- ashes on the ground.
Freak of nature- what is going on.
Can you tell me- about this song.
Weather patterns- is not right.
Many people- has been losing life.
Strange things- we cannot explain.
Lakes has disappeared- in the Earth veins.
Freak of nature- what can we do.
Freak of nature- I am so confused.
Everybody is looking for- someone to blame.
Scientists are so smart- they invented gasoline.
Governments know- how to control everything.
Oil is money- to all living things.
This beautiful world- needs a big change.
Or This Freak of Nature- will always stay.. Stay the same ….