My Coming Out Party

Written by: Marion Jones

I've been sneaking around doing a lot of dirt 
I have been bless that I'm not dead or badly hurt
Smoking cocaine was my favorite pastime
I was a dead man walking, but in mind I was alive

Sometimes days would go by, not remembering what day of the week it was
Smelling bad, drinking and getting high 
A little water there, a little there, losing weight and not combing my hair

I was determine to stick with drugs, because I might miss something
The Lord said "it's time for me to put it down and come get your wings"

So like the prodical son, He has prepared for me a feast
He has gotten rid of the old and made me anew
A table so I can eat 
No more of me saying "beam me ip scotty"
I'm a new creature in Christ  at My Coming Out Party