New years resolutions

Written by: susan viscione

Ahhh , yes, New Years resolutions, trying to fix what's gone wrong,
by coming up with solutions, examining the year that's gone by,
sorting out new things to try, picking out new clothes to wear,
thinking up new thoughts to share,In with the new, and out with the old,
a brand new year , ringing in, to behold, don't make the same old mistakes,
flipping through new hobies, in which to partake,
But instant gratification's, for me, Instant results, that's what I like to see,
It's hard to do things that take time,
sticking it out, all the way down the line,
getting mad when I slip, going off on a rip,
but as I get older, times going fast,
before I even know it, the new year will be past,
so I guess, we just do, the best we can do,
be good to others, and to ourselves just be true,
I'll try to be the best person for me, life will do the rest,
cause the old saying goes, what will be, will just be.