Written by: Ron Lanier

I'll find some when they are old
And when I find them, they are mine.
Some say that I'm cruel and cold,
And should not treat those who are old
So very bitterly, and so unkind.

I find some here, I find some there,
And most don't even suspect me.
Some are so loving, and some are fair,
While some are gloomy, and in despair.
But, they all learn to respect me.

I don't know how to be humble,
But I can find someone who is.
They come to me with no rumble,
For a sleeper knows not to grumble,
And I've found quiet a few like this.

Some I’ve found when they are young,
Just babes in a mothers arms.
I've robbed cradles before they’re swung.
I get babies, and the very young,
With all their youthful charms.

I am death, and I will find you
At the very end of your life.
I've no respect for what you do,
Your worth, your age, or whether you
Are even ready to end your life.

It could be any time or place.
In darkness or broad daylight.
I'll look you squarely in your face
And cause your heart to stop its pace,
But, I’ll find you at the end of your life.