Written by: valeria iliadou

''A good deed is rewarded with an evil one'',
Said the snake ready to bite the poor fox
That had just set the snake free 
moving the boulder from his hole.
''This is not true'' she replied
With a fear in her eyes
''I am ready to show you why''.
So the poor, yet sly fox took the snake for a ride
To show him that good can dominate over evil.
They passed together mountains of snow
Along with seas of gold.
In the middle of their course
They met a white, beautiful horse
With eyes dry, sitting lonely on a field.
''What are you doing all alone''? The fox asked.
The horse turned lazily his white head and said:
''After ten years of devotion to my master,
After ten years of love, he left me here
Alone and hungry to die forgotten from all''.
''See? The snake smiled,'' evil is stronger than any good, I have to bite you''.
''No'', said the fox, ''I know the world and that is not true, come with me,
I'll show you''.
They passed green fields of storm, deserts of thirst
Until they came across a fat cow.
''Hello'' waved the fox. ''I want to ask you something. 
Do you think that a good deed is rewarded with an evil one''?
''Of course'', said the cow. ''I always offer my milk to families, to children.
But now, that I am old, I can't give them anymore.
So, they are ready to kill me and eat my meat''.
''I hope that by now you know that good is nothing in front of evil''.
Said the snake and his tongue of poison slipped away from his mouth.
''Give me one last chance to prove you that you are wrong'', 
The fox sadly replied. 
They passed cities of red lights, roads of distance.
Suddenly, they see a hungry man with cloths torn
Running to steal a woman's purse. The man was thin and weak
As he could not keep balance he falls in front of the woman's legs.
The woman sees him and with compassion says:
''How many days are you foodless my poor man? Come, take some money
To eat and buy new clothes''. 
He takes the money with his trembling hand, the woman sheds a tear and leaves.
''You see?'' said the fox, ''a good deed can change any evil intention''.
She didn't finish her words and the man stands up on his feet, 
Runs towards the woman and grasps her purse with a violent move,
Dropping the terrified woman on the road.
The fox watches frustrated and disappointed. Turns to the snake and says:
''What a world! Just bite me''.