Written by: Daniel Cheeseman

The armada sailed before my 
eyes, crispy autumn leaves in
the evening breeze. Into  the 
mist of the cooling pool, away
on a voyage of serenity
The watching reeds and sedge
wave farewell, the damsel and
the dragonflies in harmony sang 
their goodbyes.
And the evening crept silently
dragging its cloak and diamond 
skies, over hedge and stile, offers
sleep to this once sun kissed land.
But the moon has her friends, 
who walk and fly her calm. Live 
the safety of the night and the 
daylights hunters eye.
The pitter patter of tiny feet, the
bats transparent wing against the
moon and reynards silent stalk.
Sit quiet listen and the night
comes to life, the owls glide,
the grass snakes slide, branches
gossip in the breeze, hedgehogs
grubbing as the foxglove rings
the hour.
The petals fold and sleep, the
willow with soft dew weep, and 
in the peace the spider plucks 
his web and serenades the
silver clouds as the land lies
deep in the heart of serenity.