I really cant stand it

Written by: trina aiken

I really cant stand that Im
always in the wrong
what makes you so great
who said you were perfect
no matter what I say you always 
seem perfect
It makes me so made
it makes me so upset
I bet you didnt know that 
you make me sick to be around you
your always talked so highly about
Everyone thinks your so perfect
everyone thinks that your so great
Im always in your shadow and 
it makes me sick
no matter what i do
no matter what i say
to others i'll never be as good as 
it makes me want to cry to think about it
but its true
no matter what wrong you do
no matter what trouble you cause
no matter what people you hurt 
to others you will always be held at a higher
status than me 
and it makes me sick 
the words i want to say im to afraid to say it
my stomach hurts when Im around you 
and i always feel like you
think your better
and the only think to say that will make me 
feel better is to say
I hate you
and it makes me want to cry
to say that about someone i am suppose 
to be so close to
but its true deep down in my heart i really
Hate you